Erectile dysfunction, What types of erection dysfunction are known?

Among the most common sexual problems and disorders that occur in men are erectile dysfunctions. Problems arise both with the quality of the erection and with its speed of onset or its length. The number of men with different types of problems is increasing every year and a number of factors, mainly external, are to blame.

I myself have had problems, especially with the quality of erection and with imperfect stopping. However, I also have experience with some other disorders that I have overcome in the past and so today I can talk about them objectively and insider.

In addition to problems with insufficient erection, in some cases, there may also be disorders accompanied by “hyperactive” erection, especially its premature onset. Fortunately, most problems can also be addressed with over-the-counter remedies.

Weak Erection

A weak erection basically means a problem with the quality of the erection. This problem is mainly manifested by lack of hardening, slower erection attainment, and equally fast flaccid erection. The solution may not be as difficult as it seems.

Most often behind the weak erection are problems with blood supply to the genital organ, low libido and also improper lifestyle.

You can realize erection enhancement for example:

  • Improving diet, especially by increasing the proportion of vegetables and fruit in the diet completely
  • Limiting smoking and likewise limiting alcohol intake exercises
  • Aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles improving
  • Lifestyle, which is especially true in cases where weak erections are due to psychogenic factors and excessive stress tablets
  • Preparations with natural content, which aim to improve the condition of the blood vessels in the genital area and likewise to increase the man’s libido

Since I myself have gone through similar problems, I decided to write a comprehensive article about weak erections based on my own experience. In it you will find all the causes and possible solutions to this disorder, including over-the-counter pills. I have also tried these myself and if you are interested, here is an overview of the most effective ones:

Premature Erection

If an erection appears too early, it can be a delicate situation in certain cases. Such a problem is atypical, as it is the opposite of most common erection problems, but this does not mean that it cannot be solved. But the key is to identify the cause.

Premature erections can be caused by several natural factors, such as sexual immaturity, but also by some serious ones, such as a problem with hormones or blood vessels.

To deal with premature erection, you can try these options:

  • More frequent sexual intercourse, especially if sexual experience is inadequate more frequent
  • Masturbation to relieve sexual tension.
  • In the case of hormonal imbalances, professional treatment aimed at regulating hormones and stabilizing their levels.
  • Treatment by a medical professional in the case of a more serious physiological cause freely
  • available pills to promote proper libido function or prescription pills aimed at proper blood circulation and improving the condition of blood vessels.

Although premature erection is not a common problem, I have addressed this disorder at greater length. So, I bring to your attention my article on the problem of premature erection, where I have discussed in more detail the causes as well as the possible solutions. Likewise, I have reviewed several tablets to support proper libido function. Their overview is here:

Short Erection

If you have a problem with the duration of the sexual act and it seems that your penis does not last long enough in your case in a state of 100% erection, this is a problem sometimes called short erection. This disorder can trouble a man at least as much as a lack of erection.

Behind too short erections can be sexual inexperience, older age, medications, congenital disorders, but especially psychological causes.

If you are troubled by this problem, there are several ways to start addressing it:

  • In the case of an obvious physiological defect you should go straight to a doctor also
  • The most serious psychological factors, such as severe depression or anxiety, should not be dealt with
  • Wit professionals limiting the use of problematic drugs with side effects can help
  • Alpha and Omega is a ban on smoking and limiting alcohol, and this must go hand in hand with an improvement in the overall lifestyle also
  • Pills that improve blood circulation to the penis can be a doping”

I have written more about the problem in my detailed article focusing on the causes, manifestations and solutions to short erections. In it you will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the options provided by current medicine. I myself have had good experience with erection prolonging pills, specifically the following brands:

In conclusion, I would like to reassure all men that nothing is as hot as it looks at first glance. Whether you are troubled by an insufficient erection, a short erection, premature ejaculation, low libido, a thin penis or a penis that is too short, there are satisfactory solutions to each of these problems. Believe my experience, you have everything in your hands!

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