Erection pills: User Experience and what options do you have?

Many more men in our country have erection problems than the numbers say. Most are afraid or ashamed to admit that their erections are not at the level they would like them to be. What comes to mind as the easiest solution for any man who has “bedroom problems”? Exactly, erection support pills and preferably without a prescription.

Unlike classic erectile dysfunction drugs, which can only be prescribed by a doctor after a prior examination, over-the-counter pills are a much faster and more affordable option for solving the problem.

But unlike their manufacturers, I’m not going to convince you of super amazing results that will give you back your confidence in bed and virility in a matter of minutes. But the truth is that if you choose the really “right” ones, they can really help you with your erections.

What can be considered an erection problem and what can be considered erectile dysfunction

Not every erection problem immediately means erectile dysfunction. Most of the time, it is not even a separate medical condition or disorder, but rather a consequence of other causes. In fact, statistics say that most of the reasons are only temporary in nature.

  • For example, too much stress, lack of energy and vitality can be behind problems achieving or maintaining an erection
  • It can also be hormonal problems or insufficient blood supply to the genital organ
  • Thus, these are factors, except for the last one, which can be solved practically even “self-help” and without the need for more serious medical interventions

The latter cause is a bit of an exception. If you eat unhealthily, are overweight, drink too much alcohol or smoke, you are asking for cardiovascular problems. These will also show up in erections. However, if none of these are the case, there is already a more serious cause.


By definition, erectile dysfunction means, in particular, insufficient or completely absent hardening of the sexual organ, which prevents sexual intercourse from taking place. In short, it is a condition in which it is not possible to achieve an erection.

The options you have for dealing with erection problems at home

In case you think your erection problems are of a more serious nature, I would refer you straight to a doctor who can prescribe erectile dysfunction medication. With them, the result is almost 100% certain and this is mainly due to the content of special active ingredients.

In case you think that help will be possible even without a doctor, there are several options to improve your erection. Such solutions have the advantage of being feasible quite easily, quickly and without any foreign help. Unfortunately, their downside is that they don’t work the same for everyone and therefore results can’t even be guaranteed.

Sildenafil (Viagra) – Pills for erection

What can you do for erection problems? These are possible solutions:

  • Dietary modification: this is mainly about cutting down on junk food, fatty foods and high-calorie foods and replacing them with a healthy diet.
  • Limit alcohol and cigarettes: both have been shown to cause erection problems.
  • Play sports more often: it is quite obvious movement is one of the healthy activities that strengthen the vascular system and relieve stress at the same time.
  • Lifestyle change: in particular, try to limit work and stress; on the other hand, it is important to rest more often and take time for mental recovery.
  • Erection enhancement pills: these are products that are natural in nature and are based on improving blood circulation to the penis

The principle and effects of erection support tablets

Erection pills, which I am talking about in this case, are over-the-counter dietary supplements, the composition of which is purely natural in nature. Thus, they do not contain substances of the Sildenafil type, as is the case with erectile dysfunction drugs.

You may be wondering what effects such pills can have and whether they work at all in men. Of course, they don’t work the same for every man, but their effects are clearly positive. However, it also depends on other factors, especially on the intensity of erection problems, on lifestyle, on lifestyle and also on the overall health of the man.

Sildenafil (Viagra)

The advantage of such tablets is that they can be obtained without a prescription and you can order them freely, you just need to meet the age requirement of over 18 years. Some pills help to make the penis more engorged, others also increase a man’s libido and therefore sexual arousal.

Side Effects

One of the biggest advantages of the erection tablets I mention is the almost complete absence of side effects. No headaches, skin flushing, digestive problems, pressure problems, and the like. You can forget about all that.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Pills I've tried and my experience with them

    Before I move on to the specific pills that are designed to improve erections, I would like to clarify a few practical and theoretical issues for you. These are the questions that most men ask most often and my answers, which I have tried to formulate as clearly as possible.

  2. Why are these pills without a prescription?

    The reason why it is possible to buy pills for erection without a prescription is that in their composition there are only extracts and extracts of natural substances, that is, not substances that are classified as drugs and fall under medical medication. Nevertheless, the pills must meet certain standards.

  3. Are there any guarantees that the pills are safe?

    Yes, just because the pills aren't prescription doesn't mean anything can be in them. In order to be sold in our country, they must be registered as a dietary supplement and as such are subject to verification by the Public Health Authority. They must also pass a number of tests and trials regarding their composition and effects.

  4. Where can I buy them and how?

    If you are interested in these pills, it is not a problem to find them even in the pharmacy anymore. The second option is online shops with nutritional supplements or with a focus on erotic goods. However, the best choice is to find directly the official distributor for the Slovak Republic and order the product from them.

  5. I'm worried about an awkward situation arising on delivery. What to do about it?

    When buying directly from distributors, the most common way to buy is to order online and have it delivered to your home. However, all dealers maintain maximum client discretion and therefore if a parcel arrives at your home by post or courier, no one can tell from the packaging or the sender what you have ordered.

  6. I've had bad experiences in the past. Why should it be different now?

    First of all, it must be said that a few years ago our market was unregulated and unprepared for erection-enhancing pills. Today, the situation is different and regulation is stricter. Secondly, there is also a difference in brands, as today we can buy much better quality pills than before. Their effectiveness is proven and tested.

I myself have had numerous erection problems in the past. It is true that in most cases it was my own fault, but that didn’t mean that I could cope with it by simply limiting my unhealthy lifestyle.

On the contrary, without the pills I was unable to get back to my original condition. The truth is that I had to try dozens of different kinds and types before I found the ones that worked even a little bit. I have also materialized my experiences into the reviews I have written on those pills I have come in contact with.

Before I found really working pills and erection enhancers, I discovered these very important principles:

it has become a marketing mantra to talk about preparations as natural or organic, but this is only one part of successif you
do not know the brand of the preparation and you read only various praises about it, it is most likely not an optimal solution and you should be more careful with the pills, If you think you’
re buying a branded pill cheaper through an advert, you’re probably just buying an imitation or an outright ineffective counterfeit.

And which pills appealed to me the most? Here they are in a brief overview, along with the price and a link to a detailed review:

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